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Invest 15 minutes & I’ll show you how to go from SURVIVING to THRIVING

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✅ Control Food Costs

✅ Manage Financial Health

✅ Strengthen Forecasting & Analysis 

✅ Optimize Staff

Helping 100's of Restaurant Owners across the US

Hi, I'm Jason Wallace. It's a Pleasure to Meet you.
Restaurant Consulting since 2003

Hi, I'm Jason Wallace. It's a Pleasure to Meet you.

I am The Restaurant Scientist™ (TRS), and I believe in the American dream of equality of opportunity and the achievement of success. My clients are independent restaurateurs who put it all on the line to achieve success and build legacies through successful restaurant ownership.  My goal is to help independent restaurants achieve their dream of operating highly successful restaurant(s) through education and training. I am an educator, and my objective is to teach the science of profitable restaurant operations. I believe the key to achieving the American dream is by developing informed and emotionally intelligent leaders.

TRS™ Restaurant Consulting packages include:

  • Start Up Help: I’ve been there, don’t make the common mistakes that cost owners $1,000’s.
  • Profitability: I’ll teach you the secret weapons you NEED to be more profitable than EVER.
  • Expansion: I’ll provide the blueprint for my scientific processes that will make your restaurant 100% scalable.
Learn why having a Personal Guide will lead to your Restaurant's Success.
Invest 15 MINUTES

Learn why having a Personal Guide will lead to your Restaurant's Success.

  • Increase Profits and Operating Efficiency!
  • Let's identify the Hidden Costs that are eating your profits.
  • Let's get up to Speed on the LATEST methods to profitability.

Get on my Schedule! You'll be Glad you did.

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

Innovative Digital Solutions

Innovative Digital Solutions

Compliance and Efficiency

Compliance and Efficiency

Receive my Treasure Chest of Restaurant Consulting Secrets.

What's Included...

As an experienced chef and business owner, I will share over 35 years of industry knowledge and insider secrets with you

Restaurant Specific Accounting

Restaurants have unique needs. My Restaurant Management Procedures and Systems are built for the way restaurants operate all the way from financial communication and reporting to inventory costing.

Completely Connected

Connect all of your systemsPOSbanksvendors, and more, to consolidate your reporting and operations in a mobile-friendly platform. 

Prime Cost Control

Control your food costs and optimize your labor. See actuals vs. planned costs with variance reporting. Avoid over-payments with automated alerts. 

Smart Predictive Forecasting

Forecast sales based on history, timing, and even the weather. Order the right amount of food at the right time.  Create the perfect staff schedule. 

The Restaurant Scientist™

Jason Wallace, The Restaurant Scientist™ (TRS), uses cutting edge technology to help you manage all of your restaurant’s back-office and accounting data from a single system. My system seamlessly integrates with your POSvendorsbanking and payroll to allow effortless communication of crucial data to your accounting team immediately. You even have access to P&L reports daily!

Trusted Nationally

I have worked with the finest restaurants and organizations across the U.S.